About Scholarships

Mega List of Scholarships

Deadline(s): Varies, see website for list of scholarships and deadlines.

Description: See website for full list of scholarships.
Scholarships Open to Undocumented Students

Deadline(s): Varies, see website for list of scholarships and deadlines.

Description: Please see website for a list of scholarships available for undocumented students.
Hispanic Development Fund Scholarship Program

Deadline(s): Deadline to apply is February 1, 2022 (11:59 pm)

Description: From the beginning, the Hispanic Development Fund has focused on a critical need that emanated directly from the community: developing a scholarship program to empower Hispanic students to attend and graduate from college. It was also considered important from the very beginning to make this a community-wide effort, relying on other Latino nonprofit organizations to assist with the review of applications and pooling of resources. Additionally, the scholarship effort stressed to all students the importance of giving back to the Latino community and engaging as community leaders. In 1984, HDF awarded its first scholarships by giving $100 each to 100 students through a separately named Hispanic Scholarship Fund. In 2021, in partnership with local and regional higher education institutions, HDF awarded $788,150 in scholarships to 405 students. To download scholarship materials click here:  Ready to apply? Visit our Scholarships tab for more information or click here.  
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Scholarship Page

Deadline(s): Varies, see website for full list of scholarships and deadlines.

Description: We encourage students to research the following scholarship opportunities, bookmark relevant scholarships and apply online at gkccf.academicworks.com.
Immigrants Rising Scholarships

Deadline(s): Yearly, see website for list of scholarships and deadlines.

Description: Immigrants Rising’s Scholarship Fund (previously called New American Scholars Fund) provides financial awards to low-income immigrant college and graduate students who live and/or attend school in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide scholarships of up to $7,000 to cover tuition and other expenses. Scholars are selected for their academic excellence, financial need, and community impact; they are also expected to maintain a minimum GPA (2.8 for college students and 3.0 for graduate students), and participate in ongoing Immigrants Rising’s programming, events, and activities throughout the year.
UMKC Scholarship Page

Deadline(s): Varies, see link for full list of scholarship and deadlines.

Description: See website for full list of scholarships and deadlines
Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Latina Scholarship Program

Deadline(s): Annually on April 30; please see website for details.

Description: Scholarships available to graduating high school seniors. Candidates must have high academic achievement, involvement in extracurricular activities and service to their community. Complete applications include: Application form, letters of recommendation and transcripts. Amount varies by chapter. https://lambdathetanu.org        
University of Kansas School of Engineering Freshman Scholarship Program

Deadline(s): Annually by December 1st. Please see website.

Description: First time, domestic students applying for admission to the School of Engineering will be considered for scholarships if they apply to the School of Engineering by December 1. KU’s Undergraduate Application for Admission also serves as the School of Engineering scholarship application. No additional forms need to be submitted unless applying also for the Self Engineering Leadership Fellows Program or the FIRST Robotics Scholarship. Prospective engineering students who are offered scholarships will receive a letter detailing their total scholarship package from the University, School of Engineering and department. The combined scholarship letter documents the student’s award for the coming academic year as well as the projected amount over four years provided the student meets the requirements for maintaining their scholarship funding. If ACT/SAT tests are taken more than once, the highest scores will be used for engineering scholarship consideration. The February test date is the last score that will be used. Students submitting test scores after the February test date may be re-evaluated by the School of Engineering on a case-by-case basis depending on available funds at that time. All grade point averages are converted to an unweighted 4.0 scale so every prospective student has the same opportunity for consideration. Visit KU Financial Aid & Scholarships for additional scholarship and financial aid information.