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This website is dedicated to helping Wyandotte County students find scholarships for college. The site is updated frequently to provide students with the most up-to-date information, listing local, organizational, and national scholarships for students in Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas. Featured scholarships are geared toward underrepresented groups in higher education (low-income and first-generation college-going students). Our goal is to simplify the scholarship application process by helping students easily identify the scholarships that they can earn.

This is a not-for-profit site and is produced with the sole intention of helping KCK students find scholarships for college as well as internships and community-service opportunities. 

Questions? Please contact us at 913-342-9823 or kutalentsearch@ku.edu

UMKC Herman Johnson African-American Scholarship

Deadline(s): Annually on February 1.

Description: Awarded to an eligible African American, undergraduate student who is graduating (or graduated) from an accredited high school in one of the following counties: Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte, or Ray County in Missouri, or Johnson, Wyandotte, Leavenworth, or Miami County in Kansas. Eligible students must have a 3.0 grade point average from high school, or a 2.5 college grade point average, and must complete the application process, including a scholarship interview with the selection committee.
KC Scholars Traditional Scholarship

Deadline(s): February 26, 2021

Description: The mission of KC Scholars is to increase postsecondary education attainment in the greater Kansas City area. KC Scholars provides the means – through scholarships, financial incentives to promote college savings, and support services – for low- and modest-income students and adults needing access to pursue and complete a postsecondary credit-bearing credential or degree. KC Scholars provides the opportunity for college for those that likely would not have otherwise attended or completed.  
University of Central Missouri Cesar E. Chavez scholarship

Deadline(s): March 1, 2021

Description: The Cesar Chavez Scholarship totals $12,500 and is distributed over four years/eight semesters ($3125 per year). This scholarship can be used to cover direct costs the student will incur for attendance at UCM. Funds can be applied to tuition and fees, housing or books. Scholarships can be reduced on a student-by-student basis if grant and scholarship funding received is more than the direct cost to the student.
Honeywell Opportunity for Prosperity through Education Scholarship - Seniors

Deadline(s): The deadline to apply is March 1, 2021

Description: Honeywell Opportunity for Prosperity through Education Scholarship The purpose of this scholarship fund is to provide talented high school students who are economically challenged with a funded path to a post secondary degree focused on a career in a manufacturing trade or technical profession.  
Hispanic Development Fund Scholarship Program

Deadline(s): Deadline to apply is March 1, 2021 (11:59 pm)

Description: For over 35 years, the Hispanic Development Scholarship Program has invested in our Latino community by providing scholarships to Kansas City-area Hispanic high school and college students. These awards allow Latino youth to accomplish their academic and personal goals. To download our informational flyer click here: Scholarship Informational Flyer  Ready to apply? Visit our Scholarships tab for more information or click here.  
STEMusic Book Scholarship Application

Deadline(s): March 5, 2021

Description: STEMusic has a mission to inspire the next generation of multicultural STEM professionals through engaging and entertaining music. This $250 STEMusic Book Scholarship was created to support multicultural students in their pursuit of a STEM degree.
Kansas City, Kansas School Foundation for Excellence

Deadline(s): Scholarship application deadline is  March 11, 2021.  

Description: This application is for the scholarships available for graduating seniors of the Kansas City Kansas Public Schools. See the checklist to prepare for the application process and apply at kcksfoundation.org/scholarships.html. Application deadline is March 11, 2021.
The Kim and Harold Louie Family Foundation Scholarship Program

Deadline(s): Deadline: Annually in mid-March; application must be postmarked on or prior to the deadline date. Please check the Foundation website for the precise date. The Foundation reviews applications as they are received and encourages applicants to submit applications as soon as possible; the Foundation looks favorably upon applicants who submit applications well in advance of the deadline.  

Description: The Kim and Harold Louie Family Foundation (the “Foundation”) anticipates awarding approximately $100,000 in scholarships in 2020. The Foundation intends to set the number of actual scholarships and the amount of an individual scholarship based on a consideration of certain factors, including without limitation, the financial resources and the qualifications of the scholarship recipients. This scholarship is for high school seniors and students who will be attending a college or university in the United States as a freshman during the 2020-2021 academic year. Applicants who are currently not seniors in high school (e.g., students who are taking a gap year or adults returning to school), but applicants who will be considered incoming freshmen are eligible to apply. Applicants should have demonstrated outstanding personal achievements, academic merit, leadership qualities and/or community service. Special consideration will be noted for applicants: who have parents that are United States veterans or are currently in the U.S. military; with a demonstrated financial need; with parents who did not attend college; or with a documented significant disability.
LULAC National Scholarship Fund (LNSF)

Deadline(s): The 2021 program will open mid-February of 2021. ​ Deadline is annually on March 31st.  

Description: LNESC and LULAC established the LULAC National Scholarship Fund (LNSF) to help youth in underserved communities make the dream of college enrollment a reality. LNSF is a unique partnership between grassroots advocates and corporations that fund educational opportunities for deserving youth across the U.S. Every dollar raised by local LULAC Councils is matched by corporate partners secured by LNESC, increasing the amount given in both the council and corporate names. This model results in a true grassroots/corporate partnership for the empowerment of the Latino community. Former recipients of LNSF scholarships are now leaders in fields of business, science, government, and education. A rigorous selection process assures the expectation that future recipients will demonstrate the same level of excellence.  
Xi Tau Omega Chapter Scholarships

Deadline(s): Thursday, April 1, 2021, by 11:59 pm CST

Description: Each year, Xi Tau Omega Chapter awards scholarships to high school and college students for the upcoming school year. This 2021 Scholarship Season, we are offering four (4) scholarships: 1) High Scholastic Achievement Scholarship for high school seniors. 2) Xi Tau Omega HBCU Scholarship for high school seniors. 3) Xi Tau Omega Undergraduate Scholarship. 4) Xi Tau Omega Undergraduate HBCU Scholarship for undergraduates attending a HBCU.
KCK School Foundation For Excellence

Deadline(s): Annually on April 1; please see website for details.

Description: The Kansas City Kansas Public Schools Foundation for Excellence offers several scholarship opportunities for high-school seniors in Kansas City Kansas Public Schools.
Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Latina Scholarship Program

Deadline(s): Annually on April 30; please see website for details.

Description: Scholarships available to graduating high school seniors. Candidates must have high academic achievement, involvement in extracurricular activities and service to their community. Complete applications include: Application form, letters of recommendation and transcripts. Amount varies by chapter.
Stephen Bufton Memorial Education Fund

Deadline(s): Deadline: May 15, 2021

Description: National scholarships are awarded each year in the amounts of $2,000 to $10,000. All national scholarships have their requirements designated by the SBMEF Board of Trustees. The national scholarships are open to women meeting the requirements of each national scholarship listed below. A minimum of three qualified applicants must complete the application process for each scholarship to be awarded.

Deadline(s): Ongoing, check the website for details: https://www.maldef.org/resources/scholarship-resource-guide/

Description: This is an informative resource guide for students, parents, and educators. MALDEF is not a direct provider of the scholarships on this list. If you are interested in any of the scholarships listed here, please contact the organization directly using the information provided. Thank you.
University of Kansas School of Engineering Freshman Scholarship Program

Deadline(s): Annually by December 1st. Please see website.

Description: First time, domestic students applying for admission to the School of Engineering will be considered for scholarships if they apply to the School of Engineering by December 1. KU’s Undergraduate Application for Admission also serves as the School of Engineering scholarship application. No additional forms need to be submitted unless applying also for the Self Engineering Leadership Fellows Program or the FIRST Robotics Scholarship. Prospective engineering students who are offered scholarships will receive a letter detailing their total scholarship package from the University, School of Engineering and department. The combined scholarship letter documents the student’s award for the coming academic year as well as the projected amount over four years provided the student meets the requirements for maintaining their scholarship funding. If ACT/SAT tests are taken more than once, the highest scores will be used for engineering scholarship consideration. The February test date is the last score that will be used. Students submitting test scores after the February test date may be re-evaluated by the School of Engineering on a case-by-case basis depending on available funds at that time. All grade point averages are converted to an unweighted 4.0 scale so every prospective student has the same opportunity for consideration. Visit KU Financial Aid & Scholarships for additional scholarship and financial aid information.
Courage To Grow Scholarship

Deadline(s): One scholarship is awarded monthly.  Deadline is the 30th or 31st of each month.  

Description: Each month, Courage to Grow awards a $500 scholarship to an eligible junior or senior in high school, or college student (minimum 2.5 GPA and U.S. citizen) based on a 250-word essay.
Mega List of Scholarships

Deadline(s): Varies, see website for list of scholarships and deadlines.

Description: See website for full list of scholarships.
Scholarships Open to Undocumented Students

Deadline(s): Varies, see website for list of scholarships and deadlines.

Description: Please see website for a list of scholarships available for undocumented students.
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Scholarship Page

Deadline(s): Varies, see website for full list of scholarships and deadlines.

Description: We encourage students to research the following scholarship opportunities, bookmark relevant scholarships and apply online at gkccf.academicworks.com.
Immigrants Rising Scholarships

Deadline(s): Yearly, see website for list of scholarships and deadlines.

Description: Immigrants Rising’s Scholarship Fund (previously called New American Scholars Fund) provides financial awards to low-income immigrant college and graduate students who live and/or attend school in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide scholarships of up to $7,000 to cover tuition and other expenses. Scholars are selected for their academic excellence, financial need, and community impact; they are also expected to maintain a minimum GPA (2.8 for college students and 3.0 for graduate students), and participate in ongoing Immigrants Rising’s programming, events, and activities throughout the year.
UMKC Scholarship Page

Deadline(s): Varies, see link for full list of scholarship and deadlines.

Description: See website for full list of scholarships and deadlines