Learning Club Teaching Internship

By partnering with KCKPS high school students, the Learning Club Teaching Internship is able to provide enriching mentorship sessions for local elementary school students and valuable work experience for interns.  The Learning Club Teaching Internship includes interns from all six Kansas City, Kansas public high schools at four tutoring sites.

For their service with the Learning Club, interns receive a monthly stipend, internship credit, job experience, and training in education and child development. Transportation is provided for high school interns to and from the sites, so all students are welcome to apply.

The Learning Club Teaching Internship involves about 90 high school students who conduct one-on-one tutoring with students in kindergarten through 6th grade.  

Providing high school interns with job skills and community leadership roles coincides with the Learning Club’s vision to provide a positive, pivotal educational experience for the children in Kansas City who need it most. 


All Kansas City, Kansas high school students are welcome to apply for the 2020-2021 Learning Club Teaching Internship by submitting the following materials.

  1. Complete and submit this internship application
  2. Submit a 500-word essay about why you are interested in the Learning Club and what motivates you (uploaded in the application). Returning interns do not need to complete the essay portion.
  3. Share an email address for a trusted teacher, coach, or counselor in the application. This person will complete a recommendation form and share more information about you. Please contact this person before listing their email address. Returning interns do need to provide a teacher recommendation.
Date(s) of Commitment: 

Check website for commitment dates. 


Please email Internship@LearningClubKCK.org if you have any questions.