Giving Hope & Help Education is Your Passport Scholarship Program


Giving Hope & Help-Education Is Your Passport Program is a program to provide educational and financial assistance for Pre-K thru Adult College Students. This portion of the program is designed to benefit low income High School Senior Scholars; providing the scholars with necessary tools needed to get to and through college while mentoring life skills for success and offering community service opportunities to meet needs and make a difference.

Awarded High School Scholars will receive:
• A brand new laptop computer to aid in educational success
• XL Twin Coordinated Bed-in-a Bag Set for the college dormitory
• Tote of Toiletries/Backpack & school supplies
• Two $500+ financial scholarship awards will be given: The Alexander Sr. & Cleo McCallop Giving Award and the Neoma Spearman Literacy Award.
• Volunteer opportunities throughout their college career via the Giving Hope & Help organization and partnerships with educational/community organizations.

  • All applicants (regardless if selected or not) and their families will have the opportunity to attend financial education workshops hosted by UMB Bank.

Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 5:00pm

Thursday, April 30, 2020
Eligibility Requirements: 

Qualifications for the Education Is Your Passport Scholarship:
• High School Senior with a GPA of 2.5+ on a 4.0 Scale
• Submit two letters of recommendation from a High School Counselor, Educational or Community Organization Leader
• Submit a letter of acceptance on official letterhead from an accredited college or university.(a clear copy of the letter is acceptable)
• Submit Official High school transcript
• Submit proof of LOW INCOME- Attach 2019 Household W-2 or 2019 Household W-2 Transcript.
Transcripts can be requested at:
(Low Income Guidelines attached to application-Direct all inquiries to the IRS.)
• Submit a 500-1,000 word Essay on a need(s) in your community and how you plan to give back to meet the needs(s) while in college and beyond to make a difference.

ALL APPLICANTS (whether selected or not) are invited to the GH&H FINANCIAL EDUCATION WORSHOP hosted in partnership with UMB Bank. TENTATIVE DATE: MARCH 14, 2020. Details will be emailed to ALL applicants that apply by March 14th.


Contact Info: 
Phone: (816) 607-1813