About Scholarships

This website is dedicated to helping Wyandotte County students find scholarships for college. The site is updated frequently to provide students with the most up-to-date information, listing local, organizational, and national scholarships for students in Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas. Featured scholarships are geared toward underrepresented groups in higher education (low-income and first-generation college-going students). Our goal is to simplify the scholarship application process by helping students easily identify the scholarships that they can earn.

This is a not-for-profit site and is produced with the sole intention of helping KCK students find scholarships for college as well as internships and community-service opportunities. 

Questions? Please contact us at 913-342-9823 or kutalentsearch@ku.edu

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship

Deadline(s): Annually on Nov. 1; please see website for details.

Description: Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholars are selected based on exceptional academic ability and achievement, financial need, persistence, a desire to help others, and leadership. A rigorous application review includes analysis of grades, standardized test scores, participation in available advanced courses, student essays, letters of recommendation, and family finances. Each year 30-40 students will be selected into the program.
Courage To Grow Scholarship

Deadline(s): Monthly, by the 15th.

Description: Each month, Courage to Grow awards a $500 scholarship to an eligible junior or senior in high school, or college student (minimum 2.5 GPA and U.S. citizen) based on a 250-word essay.
Hmong American Education Fund Advisors of America Scholarship Program

Deadline(s): Deadlines vary by scholarship. Please see website.

Description: Presented by the Hmong American Education Fund and donated by Advisors of America, this scholarship program financially supports dedicated Hmong American students in their pursuit of higher education. Successful applicants display commitment to academic achievement and service to community, and demonstrate financial need. Scholarships provide grants of up to $500 to attend college or university of choice, and are non-renewable.
National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation First-Time Freshman Scholarship

Deadline(s): Please see website.

Description: The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation grants First-Time Freshman Scholarships to students who will be first-time freshmen who are pursuing studies in restaurant and foodservice-related programs. Eligible applicants include graduating high-school seniors, GED graduates and high-school graduates enrolling in college for the first time.
Kansas Foster and Adoptive Children Scholarship Fund

Deadline(s): Ongoing

Description: The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation’s Kansas Foster and Adoptive Children Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to students who are or who have been foster children in the state of Kansas, including foster children who have been adopted. Award amounts vary, and support any type of further education beyond high school, including college, junior college, and vocational, technical and other trade schools.
Donnelly College Scholarships

Deadline(s): Ongoing

Description: Donnelly College is an independent, coeducational, Catholic institution founded by the Benedictine Sisters and sponsored by the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas. The school was established in 1949 to meet the needs of urban immigrants and the working class, with special focus on "those who might not otherwise be served." Available scholarships include but are not limited to the Presidential Scholarship, the Dean’s Scholarship, the Reach Scholarship, and the Early Childhood Education Scholarship. Scholarships are renewable with maintenance of a 3.0 GPA.
Mega List of Scholarships

Deadline(s): Varies 

Description: See website for full list of scholarships.
Scholarships Open to Undocumented Students

Deadline(s): Varies

Description: Please see website for a list of scholarships available for undocumented students.
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Scholarship Page

Deadline(s): Yearly, see website for full list of scholarships and deadlines.

Description: We encourage students to research the following scholarship opportunities, bookmark relevant scholarships and apply online at gkccf.academicworks.com.
GPACAC Student Scholarship

Deadline(s): Yearly in February

Description:   GPACAC Student Scholarship 2019 GPACAC awards up to three scholarships to students in the Great Plains each year. The scholarship amount ranges from $500 to $1,000 per student. The award is intended to help pay for tuition, housing, fees and/or books. Applicants will be notified of the scholarship decision by mid-April. This scholarship is a one-time scholarship and will be mailed to your post-secondary educational institution of choice. 
Kansas LULAC Scholarship

Deadline(s): Yearly. See website for deadline

Description: Our Kansas LULAC Scholarship Fund was established to assist Latino/a/x Kansas students in completing their college education.
Wichita State University Multicultural Scholarship Index

Deadline(s): Varies yearly, see website for full list of scholarships and deadlines

Description: There are numerous scholarship opportunities available for underrepresented students throughout the United States. The information and links contained within this directory by no means represent a comprehensive list of every available underrepresented scholarship opportunity. We have compiled a database of scholarship opportunities to which we have knowledge. Most of these websites have access to databases with thousands of scholarships giving away billions of dollars.
UMKC Scholarship Page

Deadline(s): Varies. See link for full list of scholarship and deadlines

Description: See website for full list of scholarships and deadlines
Hispanic Development Fund

Deadline(s): See website for full list of scholarships and deadlines

Description: See website for full list of scholarships and deadlines
Burger King McLamore Foundation Scholarship

Deadline(s): See website for deadline

Description: BURGER KING McLAMORE℠ Foundation, which was established in October 2005, is the charitable arm of the BURGER KING® system and is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The Foundation, together with Burger King Corporation employees, franchisees, suppliers and guests, has been able to make a positive impact in the communities in which we work and live. Today the Foundation administers the BURGER KING℠ Scholars program and the BK℠ Family Fund.
The Dream.US Scholarships for DREAMers

Deadline(s): Yearly. See website for list of scholarships and deadlines

Description: TheDream.US scholarships are for highly motivated DREAMers who want nothing more than to get a college education but are unable to afford the cost. They have no access to federal aid, limited access to state aid, and they sometimes face paying out-of-state tuition.
Microsoft Scholarship Program

Deadline(s): Yearly. See website for list of scholarships and deadlines

Description: Microsoft awards tuition and conference scholarships each year to encourage students to further their learnings in Computer Science and related STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplines. Recipients for the scholarship will be awarded in recognition of their demonstrated passion for technology, academic excellence, and leadership while working to push the software industry forward.   We strongly encourage underrepresented groups to pursue STEM fields of study as we greatly value a broad range of perspectives and contributions. We are especially committed to offering scholarships to those individuals from backgrounds that may have historically been underrepresented in the technical field. We prioritize scholarship applications that demonstrate exceptional leadership work in the promotion of diversity in STEM disciplines at their university.
Immigrants Rising Scholarships

Deadline(s): Yearly. See website for list of scholarships and deadlines

Donnelly College Scholarships

Deadline(s): Yearly. See website for list of scholarships and deadlines

Description: College can be affordable, especially at Donnelly! At Donnelly, we are committed to helping you receive plenty of financial aid and to making the process as simple as possible. To apply for scholarships/grants at Donnelly: Complete the admissions application Complete the scholarship/grant application - 30+ Scholarship opportunities on one application!
Wyandotte Scholarship

Deadline(s): Yearly. See website for deadlines.

Description: The Wyandotte Scholarship was established to support new, incoming WSU students who are originally from Wyandotte county. The scholarship is funded by the Virginia Smith Family Charitable Trust, and overseen by the Wichita State Foundation. Established in 2018, this scholarship will award multiple $500 to $1,000 scholarships to students chosen by the selection committee.
High Scholastic Achievement Scholarship

Deadline(s): March 31, 2019

Description: $1500 A minimum of five (5) scholarships will be awarded. The High Scholastic Achievement Scholarship was established in 1993 to assist graduating high school seniors with financing their first year of college. This scholarship is for high school seniors who personify commitment, integrity, and kindness. The successful applicant should demonstrate community involvement and leadership skills. Instructions Submit a complete application along with the following documents: • A personal statement that includes academic status, community service, and educational and career goals (1 page or less, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12) • An essay addressing the following question: If you could spend one day with a historical person, real or fiction, who would it be? Explain your choice. What would you talk about and what advice and knowledge would you seek from him/her? (500-words, typed, double-spaced, Times Roman, font size 12) • A high school resume of activities capturing your high school career. Such activities may include: academics, extra-curricular activities, community involvement, work experience, religious affiliations, offices held, awards, and other scholarships received. • An unofficial high school transcript. • Two letters of recommendation from individuals not related to you (at least one must be from a teacher or advisor).